• In 2020, Iridescent Fairytale started as a few TikToks of alternate book covers the owner had made for herself. The reaction she received from the public to was shocking. Comments flowed in asking where they could buy the items, and the answer was they weren't for sale. Yet, that is. One thing led to another, and a complete set of Throne of Glass Dust Jackets were created.

    A few weeks later the owner submitted them to Sarah J. Maas' agent on a whim for licensing when the author first started licensing vendors. Much to her surprise, they were approved.

    A little over two years later, Iridescent Fairytale is still in business working with 5+ New York Times Bestselling Authors, numerous USA Today Bestsellers, Bestsellers, and many independent authors. Some of the standout names include Rebecca Yarros, Rachel Gillig, Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Carissa Broadbent. Since 2021, we have garnered over 6,000 orders and continue to grow rapidly. Iridescent Fairytale now sells clothing, art prints, enamel products, dust jackets, and continues to expand rapidly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our business ships from the United States of America. Our business ships products directly from the United States of America, ensuring fast and reliable delivery.

Shipping for all in stock items will take 1-3 weeks. Preorder items may take upt to 6-8 weeks.

All shipping udpates can be viewed on our shipping updates page.

We always plan to finish dust jackets in series. If anything ever changes, we will post upates on Instagram.

We usually do not release dust jackets prior to book releases to ensure sizing errors do not occur. If you are interested in hearing about future dust jacket releases, please subscribe to our email updates list at the bottom of this page.

Any items purchased on this website only ship to the United States of America. If you are based internationally, you will not be able to check out since the website may not calculate taxes such as VAT correctly. Please visit ourEtsy page if you are located outside of the United States. We also have a tab entitled "International Orders" in the main menu to direct you to our Etsy.

Please visit this page for directions on how to put dust jackets on your books.

Yes, we are available to organize whole sale products for authors, bookstores, book boxes, and other small businesses. If you are interested, please contact us via email at shop@iridescentfairytale.com with your requests and we will get back to you as soon as poossible.

If you do not hear back from our business 3 to 4 days, please contact us with your inquiry again. We strive to answer all questions within 72 hours of recieving them. If we have yet to respond to your inquiry, please email us at shop@iridescentfairytale.com with your original inquiry. If we missed your comment or message on social media, please email us!

We would be glad to answer any of your other questions through the contact form or via email to shop@iridescentfairytale.com. If your request corresponds with an order, please include the order number, your email address, and mailing address.

Thank you so much for shopping with our small business. We do not offer page guides cards for individual art prints turned into overlays. Not all of these overlays correspond with specific scenes as some are character portraits.

For your reference, we have included where to place the overlays below.

  • The Sparring Scene - pg. 274
  • Lightning Wielder Spread - end of Chapter 28
  • Xaden and Sgaeyl - page 162 and 163
  • Violet and Xaden - Chapter 30
  • Broken Hearts Dancing - Chapter 29
  • Meeting the Prince  of Hearts - Chapter 1
  • The Tea & Invite - Chapter 9
  • The First Kiss - Chapter 13
  • A Prince's Proposal - Chapter 18
  • The Archer's Throne - Chapter 34
  • Framed - Chapter 50
  • Broken Hearted Prince - Chapter 13

Thank you so much for ordering from our small business. By design, our page overlays are a couple of milimeters or so shorter than the width of the books they pair with. This is to ensure the page overlay stays safely inside when your novel is closed.

If you still believe there is an issue with your order, please email us at shop@iridescentfairytale.com or use the contact form below.

During the process of fulfillment, shipping labels may be created 2 to 3 business days prior to tracking updating. Your package tracking may take an extra few days to update if there is a holiday or weekend.

If you do not recieve an update to the provided tracking number within 6 to 7 business days of label creation, please email us and we will check on the status of your order and package.

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